Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning expenses can rack up over the year so we wanted to provide all of you business owners with some key takeaways that can save you a lot of money. Good commercial cleaning companies are hard to find especially when you need multiple services performed at your office or building like carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, window cleaning, etc… Some companies package all of these cleaning services together and can perform a multitude of services while others may only perform a handful of services so if you hire them you’re probably going to have to hire someone else to do the work they cannot perform. Our experience is that a company that can package these services together are going to save you money. When you’re looking for commercial cleaners in Mesa, Arizona, make sure they are credible and have a solid history of reviews and positive customer feed back. Don’t be afraid to contact multiple companies to get quotes on what it would cost to clean you building or office(s). When you get a quote from a company you’ll get a great feel of what kind of service you can expect from them, response times, etc. Also make sure that if you’re just hiring a company for the first time that you have a backup cleaning company in mind in case the company you originally hired to perform your commercial cleaning services flakes out on you, you’re not screwed. We recently heard a story of a business that hired a commercial cleaning company that flaked on them when they needed them the most and didn’t have a backup company lined up that could come out immediately if necessary so instead of having their employees working hard to please the customers they were cleaning the carpets and windows for a few hours that resulted in a loss of business. You might be wondering why they didn’t just let it go and wait until they found a company to come clean their business building and the reason is because it was a retail store that gets tons of foot traffic everyday and if the customers feel the store is dirty that directly effects how many people will buy from you. These are just some basic tips that can avoid you headaches down the road. If you have any feed back please contact us. To learn more about our company and what we do, please visit our about page. Thank you for reading!

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