Residential house cleaning in Mesa AZ – Be careful who you hire!

There are tons of great house cleaning services to choose from in Mesa, Arizona, so which one do you pick? Well just like in previous posts where we discussed how important it is to make sure you’re hiring a commercial cleaning company with great reviews, the same rules apply for residential home cleaning. It’s important to hire a top rated and trustworthy company because you’re going to have strangers in your home and it’s easy for stuff to get stolen. We’ve heard countless amounts of stories on the news where cleaning companies have been accused of stealing from both homes and businesses. We’re not saying that no cleaning companies are trustworthy, but we do feel it’s important to do your homework when hiring a company to clean your home. There was actually a story recently on the local Mesa Arizona news about a family who hired a cleaning company off of Home Adviser and they had thousands of dollars worth of jewelry ripped off. The crazy thing is that home adviser specifically says on their website that they screen all of the business owners who sign up with them. Apparently it’s not too hard to slip through the cracks! It turned out after further investigation that this company had terrible reviews on Google and people had actually complained on their business page about how they ripped them off too! We’re not sure if this cleaning company had any yelp reviews or any other sort of social media reviews, but it just goes to show that even when a company has bad reviews that the public can see, they still get hired for jobs. This is why we are so adamant with our readers they they check multiple places online for reviews on the cleaning company you’re hiring. When it comes to letting someone you don’t know that you found on the internet to come and clean your home… do your home work! It can save you lots of time and money down the road. If you have any stories about how someone had great ratings online and turned out to be a lousy company, please contact us and share your story.

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